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We are very proud of our team of God led highly experienced Board Members.

Ray Benito

Board Member

Ray S Benito is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Bizniya Corporation. Ray leads a real estate company with primarily focused on helping individuals effectively diversify their investments into a piece of land located in thriving cities of Los Angeles area.

Specialties & Background Include:

  • Land Specialist

  • Land and Residential Real Estate Investor

  • Real Estate Sales

  • Multi-Property Management

  • Mortgage Loan Officer

  • Owns and managed over a million square foot of land

Ray brings over 18 years direct experience in both residential and land lease and or sales. Ray's expertise primarily centered on sales of land that are in the path of development in the burgeoning tropolis of Southern California. The land he sells are well studied and risk is highly mitigated. He has helped hundreds of individuals leverage their pension plan and self-directed IRA to acquire land without penalties nor immediate tax ramifications. In the past, he also assisted hundreds of residential owners seamlessly short sale their properties.

His experience includes:

  • Multi-million sales of land

  • Serviced over a hundred land investors

  • Assisted several land negotiations, transactions

  • Sold 100 Short sales of residential properties in Southern California

  • Listed and sold over 100 residential properties

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