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We are very proud of our team of God led highly experienced Board Members.

Hiro Isogawa

Board Member

Hiro has over 30 years’ experience in international, corporate and individual accounting, finance and risk management.

Specialties & Background Include:

  • International Accounting, Finance & Tax

  • Tax Planning - Corporate & Individual

  • Real Estate Investment

  • Productivity Measurement & Improvement

  • Corporate Audit, Review & Compliance

  • International & Cross-Cultural Management

In 1998, Hiro founded his now international accounting and finance firm with one core principle: to go the extra mile in products, services and client support. Through the experience of consecrating the company to God, the business grew and Hiro’s firm now serves both US domestic and international companies.

With offices and staff in multiple continents, Hiro currently guides his operations in the continental US, Hawaii, the Philippians, Japan & Croatia to serve his growing international clientele.

Hiro’s extensive professional experience includes:

  • International tax

  • Tax savings planning and compliance

  • Accounting system implementation

  • Leading company with KPIs and measurement

Hiro has earned college degrees and professional certifications in:

  • Master of International Management from American Graduate of International Management

  • Bachelor of Economics from Kyoto University

In addition, Hiro has been involved in international missions work that provides high paying jobs, schools, and community buildings in the Philippines.

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